Three Fitness Professionals Worth Following

In today’s blog post, I’m doing something a little different: I’m going to share with you three of my favorite influencers in the fitness industry. Granted, as of the last year I’ve switched to calisthenics as my primary form of training, so the following people are in that realm. Nevertheless, if you’re at all interested in gaining greater control of your body, these individuals are worth looking into.

The fitness industry is an interesting one because the internet has drastically changed the way it operates. You no longer need to buy a fitness DVD or hire a personal trainer for a good program. You can literally find a different program for every day of the year on, and there are thousands of online coaches, some qualified, and some not. In addition to the abundance of information, there seems to be a good bit of deception: does this person take steroids to achieve such an amazing physique? Should I buy this supplement? Remember when the preworkout “Craze” was pulled of the market because it tested positive for methamphetamines? The point is that so much information can make it difficult to stick to something for a long period of time, which is one of the most important components for making consistent progress. However, the following individuals avoid the misleading or confusing information, and instead are credible and straightforward, and can be followed for years to come.

First, Calisthenics Movement:

Alex and Sven provide frequent, quality content in high definition. They cover fundamental topics such as warmups, stretching and proper form, and emphasize working on the basics to establish a proper foundation. At the same time, these two bang out advanced skills such as planches, levers, and handstand pushups with flawless execution, thus establishing their credibility. Check out the following video which shows how to go from complete beginner to more advanced progressions on the gymnastics rings. The video is simple, comprehensive, and can be easily understood. A few minutes onto their channel and you quickly realize that if you follow their advice for an extended period of time, exercises which seem impossible at first are attainable with hard work and much practice. They’re worth a follow for frequent advice for anything related to bodyweight movement.


Second, Gold Medal Bodies.

What I like about GMB is their levelheaded approach to fitness. They realize that not everyone has time to spend three hours per night in the gym, and not everyone wants to look like Arnold. They have several programs that can be done at home, and they promote longevity, functionality, physical autonomy, and overall health. I appreciate the fact that they focus less on physique and more on performance – not elite athletic performance, but everyday performance, like being able to roll around on the floor with your kids, or being able to move around when you’re an old bloke. Their philosophy is that fitness is a part of life, not life itself. I believe that everyone should be working out, regardless of their situation in life, and a program like Elements or Vitamin makes it hard to find an excuse not to make a few extra minutes per day. They also have hundreds of articles covering everything from stretches, in home exercises, how to deal with various ailments that come with training, and tons of free articles on skill development, all of which are detailed and informative.


Lastly, FitnessFAQs.

Daniel of FitnessFAQs is an expert in calisthenics with a Masters in Physiotherapy. I’ve followed his program Bodyweight Evolution for the last 36 weeks, and have made progress, but more importantly enjoyed each workout. He has the skills to back up his advice and a great physique made exclusively from bodyweight exercise. He also has the formal education which makes his program scientific and effective. He’s not a meathead who used a favorable photoshoot to fool people into blindly following his program, naively believing they’ll achieve the same results if they do the same thing for a few weeks. Instead, he practices what he preaches, and puts out informational content each week. I’d highly recommend any of his programs if looking to build some muscle using bodyweight exercise.


The point of this blog is to highlight a few people who I trust and enjoy following within the fitness industry. If you’re not yet writing your own program, and are looking for some high quality advice, take a look at a few of these people. I’ve been working out for several years, and have spent countless hours reading articles, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. Through trial and error, I have learned countless lessons, but I wish I had stumbled upon any of these earlier in my journey.

If you want to make consistent gains, I believe that you should do something that you love, and you should stick to it for years to come. It’s hard to argue that if you practice something for 10 years, you won’t be good at it. These guys really demonstrate what persistence, tenacity, and hard work can do for you. Check them out and let me know if you have any recommendations of your own! 



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